Meet Tobiloba

Tobiloba Ajayi

Tobiloba has over 9 years experience working with various organisations in the Disability Management sector in different countries.

She holds a degree in Law and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2008. She also holds a Masters Degree in International Law.

She started by working on Disability Policy  as a member of the Nigerian  Vision 20:20: 20 policy drafting team, and went on to work with various NGO’s in a quest to  improving the lives of persons with disabilities.

Tobiloba is also a 3 time published author that believes strongly in the power of words to create a change perceptions and realities. She authored her first book titled ‘Inspirations’ in 2013 and has authored two more books after that.

Her books are focused on the lived Christian experience and focuses on demystifying the study of bible, while making it relatable and relevant to today’s audience, Christian or not.

In March 2017, she launched ‘The Let CP Kids Learn Project to promote inclusive mainstream education for children with Cerebral Palsy in Nigeria.

This was born out of a realization in 2016 during her Mandela Washington Fellowship, Professional Development Experience; that children with Cerebral palsy were being excluded from mainstream education by the school system in Nigeria.

To date, the project has provided support to 150+ children and their families and enabled about 60 of these children access inclusive education.

Each family under the project accesses continuous counselling, referrals, school placement supports and school readiness assessments.

The project has also trained over 300 Teachers in its bid to address the knowledge and skill gap of mainstream classroom teachers to engage children with Cerebral Palsy in their classrooms.


‘Our Father’

We are God’s babies. He is our daddy. He loves to chat with us about everything and anything. He’s never distracted,  He’s never bored, He’s always listening- He’s  the infallible parent.




                                                              N 1,500

                                                     Who’s With Me? 

                             Observe To Do

                                                                       N 2,500

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