You Will Call It ‘Good’

Have you ever been in a situation so bleak, you couldn’t see any way in which something good could come out of it?

Has someone ever quoted ‘And all things work together for the good of them who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose- Romans 8:28, and you’ve thought, not this time?

Relax, you’re in good company.

The disciples of Jesus were in the exact same position some 2000+ years ago. Their messiah and hope of salvation was dying.

Nothing good seemed to be happening. It was indeed a dark day, I mean, even the sun darkened at noon. It was a no good, everything had gone wrong irretrievably kind of day.

In the lifetime of these same disciples, the story changed. The darkest friday of their lives became their biggest testimony.

Hold on! It may be dark right now and everything may seem to have gone irretrievably wrong, but if we can celebrate good friday’ today, that irretrievably wrong sutuation will become a reason to celebrate.

Happy Easter Everyone!

You will call it good.

Who’s With Me?


It’s Part of The Plan

Since the beginning of this week, I’ve been assailed with messages about the death of Christ.-Holy week as the church chooses to call it.

But something struck me anew this morning and I thought to share.

The death of Christ was not an accident that shocked God, it was part of the plan God made before the creation of the world.

God is never caught off guard. He never needs a plan B.

So this will Easter weekend, What is going on in your life that has you wondering if God has left the watch or lost the plot?

God is not on vacation. I know it feels like that sometimes, don’t worry, Jesus felt it too.

What you’re going through now-no matter how ugly, terrible or unthinkable it is, it’s part of the plan just like Jesus dying was part of the redemption plan.

Trust the planner. He’s not lost the blueprint and He’s not done yet.

So this Easter weekend, I’m trusting the planner even in the dark.

I’m trusting God.

Who’s with me?