God In The Flesh

In the last couple of years, Christmas seems to have lost it’s appeal. This year was no different. Christmas Eve was just bland and as I went to bed, I was borderline sad.

I woke up this morning and the sadness had not fully lifted. So I started to talk to ‘The Reason For The Season’.

And oh, He lives up to His name- wonderful Counselor every single time.

Our conversation today has lifted my spirit but there’s a part that I’d like to share that I hope lifts your spirits if you’re feeling down today.

‘God become human and moved into the neighborhood – John 1:14 (Paraphrased)

It’s so easy to think of Christmas only as it relates to Salvation, but as I was reminded this morning, He did not need to live 33 years on earth if the only goal was to shed His blood and guarantee Salvation.

Christ became one of us, so that we can trust him to make us one with Him.

Christ walked the talk so that we can do the same. He became flesh so that we can have proof that He gets it.

He gets the pain, He gets the doubts, He gets the confusion. He’s lived it. So when He says ‘Trust Me’, we can!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This Christmas, I’m grateful that Christ became flesh.

Who’s With Me?



Christ’s Mind This Christmas

When I was younger,it was quite popular in my circle for someone to tell  the other person to ‘use their church mind’ when doing something,  It was our way of telling the person to ‘act like Jesus’ in whatever it was they were about to do.

Why doI come back to this? Last Sunday, we read a scripture and my mind got stuck on one verse.

Read with me: For “who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him?”[e] But we have the mind of Christ.- 1 Corinthians 2:16

My mind got stuck on ‘we have the mind of Christ’ so I started asking myself why I was not  exactly behaving like Christ all the time. I mean,my mind runs my life right?

If you don’t have that concern,I bless God for you.  But If you’re like me and the mind of Christ that you have as a believer does not manifest in your thoughts and actions as much as you would like,read on.

The Holy Spirit answered me with another verse of Scripture that I have know  for a long time. Read with me:

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus,…- Phillipians 2:5

Until this time,I never paid attention to this verse in isolation. I aleays read it in conjunction with the next few verses and only saw it as an introduction to those verses.

Can you see what I saw yet?   Let me share.

The key word in that sentence is the word ‘Let’.

The same Paul who  let us into the fact that ‘we have the mind of Christ’ also point out that we have a choice in whether or not we allow the mind of Christ to rule in us.

As with everything that is Christ’s, we have  been given, but we have to choose to allow its use in our lives.

Listen,you have the mind of Christ,but you have to allow that mind to dwell in you if it will manifest through you to your world.

The mind of Christ you manifest,is the mind of Christ you allow.

The mind of Christ  what allowed the birth of Christ.

Allow the mind of Christ dwell in you this Christmas so that it can flow out of you to the world.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Who’s  With Me?









Who Are You Following?

In these days of social media, a lot of us desire a ‘following’. More importantly a lot of us are quick to join to follow those who have ‘a following’.

Have you ever taken a look at the list of those you’re following on all your social media platforms and asked yourself why you are following each and every one of these people?

Anyway, I was seating in church on Sunday quietly listening to an unrelated bible reading when the following scripture started to run amok in my mind.

‘Follow me and I will make you fishers of men’-Matthew 4:19

Can you see when my mind started hitting the repeat button yet?

Let me show you: ‘Follow me, and I will make you….

Who you follow makes you!

The persons you follow will one way or another make you into a version or another of themselves. You will begin to buy into their ideologies and their thought patterns, you will begin to speak and think like them.

It will be unconscious, but it will happen.

I don’t know about you, but I can point to times in my life when it’s happened. I have this friend, we’ve been friends for decades.

In recent times, I introduced her to a new friend who needed services she could provide and they worked together without me being there.

My new friend came back with this report. ‘You guys sound alike,gesticulate alike and even think alike. Working with her was like working with you. I thought you said you guys were just friends.

I smiled and said, yes,we’re just friends. We’ve just been around each other for a long time.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re two very separate individuals with separate lives and separate preferences, But we’ve rubbed off each other so much,we can’t even say who taught who what anymore.

I saw that happen with my parents too.

If you look over your life,I’m sure you can find a similar example.

Who are you following today? What are they making you into?

Don’t forget ‘He who walks with the wise is wise,but the companion of fools is easily destroyed-Proverbs 13:20

I choose to follow Christ today and let Him make me into a replica of Himself, no matter who else comes across and alongside me on the journey.

Who’s with me?


‘Christian’ Love

Since the beginning of this year, God has been revolutionizing my understanding of love using just one scripture.

Since we’re in the season of valentines which we call the season of love, I figure I should share.

Warning: This is not going to be easy to do.

Read with me:My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.-John 15:12 NIV)

Now, Let’s get into the lessons.

First, Love is a command. If you are a Christian, Love is not an emotion or a choice,it is a command. If you will obey God, you will love.

That’s easy right?

Here’s the real work. ‘…as I have loved you’.

As a believer, how has Christ loved you?

Here’s a part of my list-extravagantly, unconditionally, completely, irrespective of me….

God command us to love like Him. That kind of love is not an emotion, it is a decision backed by corresponding actions irrespective of the recipients response or lack of response.

The world tells us that we should only give love when we receive it back. According to society,if he/she doesn’t love me,I will not love them. The love of the world is conditioned on performance.

That does not work in God’s kingdom. The kind of love you need to have is the ‘unconditional’ kind. The kind that moved Christ to the cross for you.

This kind of love will confront wrongdoing and chastise error without withholding forgiveness.

And before you say, ‘I am not Jesus’, the term Christian means ‘like Christ’.

The disciples who first bore the name did not give it to themselves, it was given to them by ordinary people who saw their actions.

How do you love today?

Is your love Christian or worldly?

You already know that I choose Christian love.

Who’s with me?


I was in one of my favourite places to meditate think and plan today and suddenly it hit me like a wave. I’ve been trying to ignore the urge to share but it won’t go away.

Read with me: ‘If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, Behold everything has become new’.-2 Corinthians 5:17

It is no longer news a person’s claim to be a Christian in today’s world is usually taken with a pinch of salt especially with the atrocities being committed daily by so called men/women of God –in the name of Christ no less.

 I have repeatedly pointed out that saying you are a Christian, speaking ‘Christainese’ and blowing Phd level tongues will not get you to heaven. Only the fruit of the Spirit will. Read this: https://tobilobaajayi.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/fruit-before-gifts/

But today the reason a lot of Christians don’t bear Christ- like fruit hit me squarely in the face. The Holy Spirit does that sometimes.

A lot of Christians are in church but they are not in Christ! They have all the right words, mannerisms and even manifest the gifts of the spirit. These things are so easy to pick up and act out that they themselves may not know that they are acting a script.

I know firsthand because I used to be that person. I was in Church for a long time before I was in Christ.

You can even be a pastor and not be in Christ.

When you are in Christ, it shows! You change from the inside out. Being in Church only changes you from the outside in. And that does not last. (see Scripture reference above!)

As much as being in church is important, being is Christ is the ultimate. That’s the only way to heaven.

If you are not sure where you fall, check your life. Can men see a visible change in your life? Are you becoming more Christ like every day?

Does the word transform you from the inside out or do you just cram it to show off in church and bible sword?

Its easy to swing from one end to the other.

If you think you’re sure, Please check. Examine yourself!

Are you in Christ or just in Church?

I’m checking where I stand. I’m making sure I’m still in Christ

Who’s with me?