‘Our Father’

Every week, I am privileged to prepare to reach a bible study class.

This privilege is priceless.

Last week, the lesson was on Prayer and we were supposed to  build on ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ in Matthew 6 as a guide.

You know how a very familiar scripture hits you and your head spins? That was what happened as we began to read, almost reciting:

“Our father who is in heaven, hallowed be your name…”-Matthew 6:9

We read on to the end of that chapter and trust me, each verse is a sermon; but my mind stayed on that first line.

My mind is still reeling a bit at the consciousness of what hit me, so I am going to try to coherently share.

Now as a backstory to this prayer, the disciples who were Jews had gone to Jesus to ask him to teach them how to pray.  Have you ever wondered why? Jews pray. 

There has to have been something different in the effect of the prayers Jesus prayed for these guys to have wanted to know how.

And Jesus told them to start by saying ‘Our father’. Nothing relaxes a child like the words my daddy.

Jesus was clarifying our position with those two words.

We are God’s babies. He is our daddy. He loves to chat with us about everything and anything. He’s never distracted,  He’s never bored, He’s always listening- He’s  the infallible parent.

Listen, when Jesus came, God became flesh and moved into our neighbourhood.

The days of special gymnastics to get into his presence or get him to listen to us are over. 

Prayer stopped being a ritual and has become a loving conversation between a father and his child

I have thoroughly enjoyed approaching God as my father. 

How do you see God? Do you still see the deity only or do you see the father?

Our father who is my father and I are off to gist.

Who’s  With Me?