What Do You Reflect?

November has been a very long month for me. To seat in God’s presence and just linger there has been a struggle.

My God is a loving father though, He never lets me go. He’s holding on to me and constantly whispering his will to me- if I will listen.

Today I hear him loud and clear. A part of my listening is in sharing.

Read with me: ‘You are the light of the world; a city set on a hill cannot be hidden’-Matthew 6:14

Today’s message is simple. When you gave your life to Christ, you became a light and the lighthouse.

Both the light and the lighthouse are pointers to safety in the tumultuous seas.

If the light and lighthouse are missing or do not reflect properly, what do you think will happen to the ships and the passengers on the seas?

You are Christ’s light and lighthouse. That’s what you signed up for on the day you became a Christian.

What are you reflecting? Where are you pointing?

Are you pointing to Christ or to the world?

Self evaluation mode activated.

Who’s With Me?


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