The Choice To Bless

This month has been busy. Funny enough, I kept telling my self that I needed to update this blog at least one this month.

But I just didn’t find the right message. Until yesterday.

I was in service and doing the worship session,the worship leader started to sing:

‘Bless the Lord oh my soul,Oh my soul

Worship His holy name

Sing like never before, Oh my soul,

Worship His holy name.’

My mind got stuck on the first line of that song and the Holy Spirit and I had an interesting conversation that I’m going to  share.

Read with me: ‘Bless the Lord oh my soul, and forget not all His benefits. Bless his Holy name-Psalm 103:2

David wrote this psalm admonishing his soul to bless the Lord.  Your soul is where your will,your emotions and your intellect dwell. It therefore means that the disposition of your soul affects your physical body.

To bless is to praise and speak well of.

When things do go well or go as planned, the natural inclination of your emotions is to complain and blame God. It makes no intellectual sense for us to speak well of or praise a God that  watched things go belly up. You lose the will t praise.

In short, your soul is more conditioned to blame than to bless.

Yesterday I learnt a lesson from David. When my soul is in  a natural disposition to blame or despise God, I have the power to tell my soul what to do.I can choose to bless.

How? You may be asking.

That same verse answers the question.

You recall ALL His benefits.

Has God ever been good to you?

Has He ever answered your prayers and even prayers you didn’t pray?

Call those things to mind.

When next things go belly up and you are naturally inclined to blame instead of blessing God, remember His benefits and make a choice to bless.

Your soul will follow.

I make the choice to bless today.

Who’s with me?