‘Christian’ Love

Since the beginning of this year, God has been revolutionizing my understanding of love using just one scripture.

Since we’re in the season of valentines which we call the season of love, I figure I should share.

Warning: This is not going to be easy to do.

Read with me:My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.-John 15:12 NIV)

Now, Let’s get into the lessons.

First, Love is a command. If you are a Christian, Love is not an emotion or a choice,it is a command. If you will obey God, you will love.

That’s easy right?

Here’s the real work. ‘…as I have loved you’.

As a believer, how has Christ loved you?

Here’s a part of my list-extravagantly, unconditionally, completely, irrespective of me….

God command us to love like Him. That kind of love is not an emotion, it is a decision backed by corresponding actions irrespective of the recipients response or lack of response.

The world tells us that we should only give love when we receive it back. According to society,if he/she doesn’t love me,I will not love them. The love of the world is conditioned on performance.

That does not work in God’s kingdom. The kind of love you need to have is the ‘unconditional’ kind. The kind that moved Christ to the cross for you.

This kind of love will confront wrongdoing and chastise error without withholding forgiveness.

And before you say, ‘I am not Jesus’, the term Christian means ‘like Christ’.

The disciples who first bore the name did not give it to themselves, it was given to them by ordinary people who saw their actions.

How do you love today?

Is your love Christian or worldly?

You already know that I choose Christian love.

Who’s with me?


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