Intentional Thoughts

I was watching a short video clip this morning and I heard something that sent me back to my university Philosophy classes. For someone who had to do a lot to pass that course, the memories were strong.

‘I think, therefore I am’- Rene Descartes. As I heard it and flashed back to University days, a certain scripture began to dance in my mind and I have to share.

If you’re a follower of this blog you’ll realize this is my third post at least about our thoughts.

Read with me: As a man thinks in his heart,So is he- Proverbs 23:7

Have you ever noticed that the minute you decide to buy a specific thing,or you begin to think about acquiring a certain thing,you suddenly begin to see it all around you?

You are a product of your thoughts. Like another scripture says ‘ Your thoughts run your life’-Proverbs 4:23

If you don’t like what you can see in your life, check your thoughts about that area of your life.

Sir, Be intentional about your thoughts. Take time to examine what you’re thinking about. If the destination of those thoughts are not somewhere you will like to go,change the direction.

To the person saying, the thoughts just come,I don’t choose them.

Listen,you may not be able to choose what flies into your mind,but you can choose what stays there. You choose what you dwell on.

Choose to think the thoughts that will create the mental picture of the future you desire.

Enough of random useless thoughts running through my head.

I choose to be deliberate in my thinking today.

Who’s with me?



Waiting For ‘Issac’

The last few weeks have been trying my patience to say the least. I have had reason to question a lot of the things I believe and why I believe them.

Don’t worry, I’m still born again. My faith just went through a testing and I’ve come our on the other side standing.

In the last few months, I’ve been n the company of the ‘waiting’. Those of us waiting for God to come through on an express promise that he had given us.

Do I have any comrades in the waiting room?

In the waiting room,I have ranted and raved, questioned and cried and I have talked off the ear of my few trusted confidants and friends. My prayers have become groaning and snatches of conversations full of questions for God.

To be honest,God has been gracious to me.He’s answered every question but I’m still waiting. The clouds are still dark and there’s no silver lining in sight.

Today I went again to ask God another set of questions in the light of some of my recent doubts and thought patterns and I came away with a warning that I have turned into a prayer.

I have a strong feeling someone reading might need this.

‘Don’t birth Ishmael(s) while you’re waiting for your Issac.’

In case, you’re not familiar with the Ishmael/Issac story in scripture,let me summarize the part that relates to this post.

God promised Abraham a son when he was 75 years old. 17/18 years down the line, the promise had not come forth. His wife, Sarah decided that thy could ‘help’ God fulfill His promise by having a child through her servant Hagar. She convinced Abrahan and here came Ishmael. The result of their ‘helping God’. 13 years after Ishmael was born,25 years after God gave the promise, Issac (the promised son) was born.

Then trouble began. Trouble that would have been averted if they had just waited for Issac.

Child of God,I know waiting for your Issac(promise) to come forth is hard and birthing an Ishmael(compromise /outright disobedience) might look like the only valid option right now, but trust the one who has promised. He is faithful and will do what He has said.

Your Issac will come forth no matter how long it takes.

I choose to wait for my ‘Issac’. I refuse to birth Ishmael(s) in the process.

Who’s with me?


‘Christian’ Love

Since the beginning of this year, God has been revolutionizing my understanding of love using just one scripture.

Since we’re in the season of valentines which we call the season of love, I figure I should share.

Warning: This is not going to be easy to do.

Read with me:My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.-John 15:12 NIV)

Now, Let’s get into the lessons.

First, Love is a command. If you are a Christian, Love is not an emotion or a choice,it is a command. If you will obey God, you will love.

That’s easy right?

Here’s the real work. ‘…as I have loved you’.

As a believer, how has Christ loved you?

Here’s a part of my list-extravagantly, unconditionally, completely, irrespective of me….

God command us to love like Him. That kind of love is not an emotion, it is a decision backed by corresponding actions irrespective of the recipients response or lack of response.

The world tells us that we should only give love when we receive it back. According to society,if he/she doesn’t love me,I will not love them. The love of the world is conditioned on performance.

That does not work in God’s kingdom. The kind of love you need to have is the ‘unconditional’ kind. The kind that moved Christ to the cross for you.

This kind of love will confront wrongdoing and chastise error without withholding forgiveness.

And before you say, ‘I am not Jesus’, the term Christian means ‘like Christ’.

The disciples who first bore the name did not give it to themselves, it was given to them by ordinary people who saw their actions.

How do you love today?

Is your love Christian or worldly?

You already know that I choose Christian love.

Who’s with me?