Hasty Faith?

When my oldest niece was very young, we were trying to teach her manners like how to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. So if she asks for something from an adult, the adult would say ‘what should you say?’ to prompt her to say ‘please’ and after she is given what she asked for to prompt her to say ‘thank you’.

After some time she had learnt to say ‘please’ and thank you without being prompted. We however became faced with a small problem. She somehow assumed that every time she said added please to her request, it meant that it would automatically be granted immediately in the exact way and manner she requested.

It took us a while to explain that you don’t always get what you asked for just because you asked nicely. She finally understands the lesson- most of the time.

The first time she asked for something nicely and we said no, she said in a very petulant voice that only a 3 year old can come up with, ‘but I said please’. I shook my head and smiled and then went on to try to explain why I said no even though she said please.

Can anyone relate yet?

Today I ran into the last part of a scripture that brought this back to mind.

Read with me… he that believeth shall not make haste- Isaiah 28:16

How many times in my walk with God have I been hasty despite fact that I am claiming that I have faith?

How many times have I asked God for something and then become angry when it didn’t happen according to the time line and the way that I wanted?

Walking in faith is a marathon,not a sprint. God is not a genie in a bottle that performs on demand.

He works according to His will not ours.

You cannot rush your faith to work.

I refuse to be hasty in and with the working of my faith today.

Lord help me!

Who’s with me?



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