Repent And Rest

Welcome to 2015 everyone.

We are already 6 days into the year and everyone wants this to be a great year. Before we continue our race this year, let us go back to the basics with a little twist this morning.

I was routinely scanning my facebook timeline this morning and I ran into a scripture that inspired today’s back to the basics with a twist.

Read with me:This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says:

“In repentance and rest is your salvation,…- Isaiah 30:15

Like I said in an earlier post,, Confession alone does not guarantee your salvation, repentance does.

As 2015 starts, The scripture above is a quick reminder that repentance is the bedrock of our salvation. (click the link above for a quick read upon what repentance is)

Now to the twist. This verse adds ‘and rest’ to the passage.

Repentance and Rest? Why?

You see,a lot of us think that beyond repentance, we need to do some more religious gymnastics to assure our salvation. These things range from harmless things like praying at specific hours of the day and night to utterly ridiculous and ultimately harmful things like allowing a so called ‘pastor’ drain your bank account all in the name of ‘God said’.

If you are repenting,rest! Your salvation is secure.

Don’t let anyone keep in the bondage of the fear of hell.

As 2015 starts, Repent and Rest!

Who is with me?



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