‘Led Into The Wilderness’

A few days ago, after agonizing over a particular issue over night, I woke up with a a particular story in scripture ringing in my mind. It was the answer to my agonizing question by the way. I thought to share just in case someone else needs to hear this.

Have you ever been so sure God was leading you; 110% sure, yet, you seem to be going from trouble to trouble, mess to mess and your human mind (and probably everyone else around you) starts to ask you if you are crazy and if you’re sure it’s not your flesh that is deceiving you?

Have you been told, this cannot be God. God loves His children, He would never let put you through——(Fill in the blanks with whatever yours is)?

If you’re in this boat, This is for you. If not, as long as you continue to grow in your walk with God, there’s probably an experience ahead so read on.

Read with me: Then Jesus was led out into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit, to be tempted there by Satan. -Matthew 4:1 (TLB)

Can you see it already? Anyway, let’s break it down.


See it now? The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness- desolate,lonely,misunderstood…..

Are you in a ‘Holy Spirit led wilderness right now? Relax.

Jesus was led there ‘to be tempted by Satan’.

Are the temptations coming from every angle?

The funny thing about this story is that Chapter 3 of Matthew ends on quite a high note.Jesus was baptized by John,God spoke from heaven endorsing him and then Chapter 4 begins with a wilderness temptation/fasting experience.

So yes, Child of Zion, the fact that your spirit led wilderness immediately follows a spiritual high point is also okay.

How do we get through this?

Let’s learn from Jesus. Read the whole of Matthew 4. It’s a very interesting read.I promise. Here’s a summary of the lessons though.

1. Know who you are. Jesus never doubted his identity as the son of God and therefore did not feel a need to prove it. Internalize your identity as a Child of God.

2. Know the word- correctly. Jesus knew the word correctly so that even when the devil tried to use the word out of context, Jesus had an answer that was prompt.

3.Know when to stop listening to the voices of dissension and discouragement and learn how to keep them quiet.

The best part of the story is this. Because the wilderness experience was spirit led, including the temptations, they were for a season and prepared Jesus for His ministry. The same applies to you. Your wilderness experience has an expiry date and is preparation for the future God has prepared for you.

So fellow comrades in the Holy Spirit led wilderness,let’s keep our eyes on the prize. The prize is Christ and the future He has prepared.

It’s worth every second of the wilderness experience.

So today, In my wilderness,I choose to keep my eyes on the prize- Christ!

Who’s with me?



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