And It Came To Pass…

If you are a fan of the King James Version of the bible, you’re used to the words of today’s title. People like me however run as far as our legs can carry us to simpler to read versions of the bible. I do not enjoy needless headaches in trying to understand the written word of my lover and saviour.

Do I have any comrades so far?

So imagine my surprise when the five words in today’s title started ringing in my spirit this morning. Of course my trusted versions didn’t have those words in that order so I went to KJV.

I realize that those words were used to refer to things that had happened. In a sense, it is used to begin reported speech. Story telling. Things that came and had passed.

Message for today: IT CAME TO PASS!

If it has come,it will pass. No matter what it is, It will not stay the same for ever.

That storm you’re in, it started one day and it will end one day. It came, it will pass.

That struggle you’re stuck in, It came to pass.

I don’t know what your issues are but they came and they will pass.

And look through the bible, the people in the story usually survived the story.

Don’t worry, that storm will not drown you.

You will survive to tell the world that ‘It came to pass’.

My mantra for today and onwards in every situation that threatens my peace is

This too shall pass because ‘It came to pass’.

Who’s with me?


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