Your Sin, Your Choice

This is another long overdue post. God had to use an amazing sister in the Lord to push this out. Thank you sis. So I’ll waste no time in getting to the crux of the matter.

Have you ever done something wrong and immediately blamed someone else for your actions? We all have,haven’t we? We all started playing the blame game since when we were kids. As we grew up,we learned how to take responsibility for our actions ( well, some of us did).

Now, let’s talk about sin. You know those things that grieve the God you claim to love with your whole heart and soul. Those things he expressly and impliedly told you not to do. When you slip up and do them what do you do?

Do you instantly blame someone else because ‘they made you do it’? Or do you use the ultimate cop out ‘ it’s not me,it’s the devil.’

We’ve all done it one time or the other, But is that response right? Is it the response a Christian should have?

For some of you who are thinking, well yes. Sometimes. Read with me:
‘but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.’-James 1:14-15 (NIV)

Nobody makes you do anything. Not even God. Everything you do or do not do,you choose/chose to do or not do. A fellow human being cannot make you sin, you choose to sin. The devil does not make you sin, you choose to sin. Consciously or unconsciously, you choose to sin.

Somebody is asking, what of Genesis 3 in the bible? Read that passage again. The devil did not make Eve sin,he suggested the sin, Eve didn’t make Adam sin,she suggested the possibility. Each person in that story made a choice. They chose to sin against the express commands of God and brought the sin nature upon the entire human race.

Jesus came to redeem us from the power of the sin nature and He has done that but guess what? Receiving the salvation that He offers is a choice. You have to make the choice yourself.God wil not make you make it. The offer is available,but you have to take it.

And we know not everybody will.

The only thing,the devil or anyone else for that matter can do for you in regards to sin is to tempt you to sin and temptation is not sin. Yielding to temptation, doing the sinful thing is the sin.

Now, to this temptation issue, The sin that will you will be tempted to commit is in the area of your life that your carnal desires have not yet been submitted to God. Simply put, If it tempts you, that area of your life needs to submitted to God. You still have evil desires in that area of your life.

It is YOUR OWN evil desire that tempts you.

I didn’t write the bible,I’m just pointing out what it says.

So deal with the root of your temptations- your evil desires and you will deal with the root of your sin.

While that’s a work in progress, accept that your sin is your choice. If you sinned,you chose to do it. Stop putting the blame at everybody else’s feet except your own.

It is the sin you own up to that you can confront and overcome. If you refuse to own up to your sin, you can never have victory over it.

And to the person who’s asking, What about addicts? They can’t help themselves.

Same answer, Addicts chose their addictions. The chose it for so long it became a seemingly unbreakable habit. It has become an unconscious choice. The first step in breaking an addiction is accepting that your addiction as your choice. Ask any addiction therapy group,they’ll tell you the same thing.

Accept that you choose/chose to sin, so you and God can begin to deal with it.

I’m re- evaluating my choices in relation to sin today.

Who’s with me?


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