Pro Vision

Today is the last day of 2014. This year has been rocky for me to say the least. This year I have cried,smiled, made friends lost some and most importantly I have grown. I have grow in way I never imagined possible and I have learned all over again what it means to be a Christian.

Christianity is a walk of faith and action. The action part can be very hard and it can stretch you till you feel you’re going to break into tiny infinitesimal pieces.

If you are reading this,no matter how 2014 has gone for you, you’re still here. God is not done. He will finish what he has started in you, for you and with you- Philippians 1:6

As we go into 2015 with the usual list of things we hope to accomplish this year, A lot of us will be asking God to provide or for provision. That’s a smart thing to do. Let’s look closely at the meaning of that very well used word.

The word provision is a combination of two words ‘pro’ and ‘vision’. The word ‘pro’ is Latin meaning to support or be in favour of something. The word ‘vision’ means the ability to see, to anticipate and to project into the future.

Flowing from the above, the word ‘provision’ means ‘in support of what you can see’

So, as you go into 2015, the question is, what can you see? How is your vision today? Is it blurred or myopic? or have you gone gone completely blind?

Just so you know, I’m not talking about physical eyesight here, I’m talking about your ability to dream, anticipate and project into the future.

Read with me: ‘And my God shall supply all your NEEDS according to His riches in glory in Christ-Philippians 4:19

God gives PRO VISION. He gives you what you need to support what you can see.

Provision will follow your vision! What you can see, according to God’s will, you can become, achieve and receive.

As we go into 2015, I am enlarging my vision.

I choose to see farther, dream bigger and project higher.

Who’s with me?


See you in 2015. Happy New year!


2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,100 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 35 trips to carry that many people.

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‘Led Into The Wilderness’

A few days ago, after agonizing over a particular issue over night, I woke up with a a particular story in scripture ringing in my mind. It was the answer to my agonizing question by the way. I thought to share just in case someone else needs to hear this.

Have you ever been so sure God was leading you; 110% sure, yet, you seem to be going from trouble to trouble, mess to mess and your human mind (and probably everyone else around you) starts to ask you if you are crazy and if you’re sure it’s not your flesh that is deceiving you?

Have you been told, this cannot be God. God loves His children, He would never let put you through——(Fill in the blanks with whatever yours is)?

If you’re in this boat, This is for you. If not, as long as you continue to grow in your walk with God, there’s probably an experience ahead so read on.

Read with me: Then Jesus was led out into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit, to be tempted there by Satan. -Matthew 4:1 (TLB)

Can you see it already? Anyway, let’s break it down.


See it now? The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness- desolate,lonely,misunderstood…..

Are you in a ‘Holy Spirit led wilderness right now? Relax.

Jesus was led there ‘to be tempted by Satan’.

Are the temptations coming from every angle?

The funny thing about this story is that Chapter 3 of Matthew ends on quite a high note.Jesus was baptized by John,God spoke from heaven endorsing him and then Chapter 4 begins with a wilderness temptation/fasting experience.

So yes, Child of Zion, the fact that your spirit led wilderness immediately follows a spiritual high point is also okay.

How do we get through this?

Let’s learn from Jesus. Read the whole of Matthew 4. It’s a very interesting read.I promise. Here’s a summary of the lessons though.

1. Know who you are. Jesus never doubted his identity as the son of God and therefore did not feel a need to prove it. Internalize your identity as a Child of God.

2. Know the word- correctly. Jesus knew the word correctly so that even when the devil tried to use the word out of context, Jesus had an answer that was prompt.

3.Know when to stop listening to the voices of dissension and discouragement and learn how to keep them quiet.

The best part of the story is this. Because the wilderness experience was spirit led, including the temptations, they were for a season and prepared Jesus for His ministry. The same applies to you. Your wilderness experience has an expiry date and is preparation for the future God has prepared for you.

So fellow comrades in the Holy Spirit led wilderness,let’s keep our eyes on the prize. The prize is Christ and the future He has prepared.

It’s worth every second of the wilderness experience.

So today, In my wilderness,I choose to keep my eyes on the prize- Christ!

Who’s with me?


The ‘Parable’ Of The Older Brother

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I woke up yesterday with a very popular story i’n the bible ringing in my head. If you’ve been in church a while or know bible stories, there’s no way yo missed this one. It’s none other than the parable of the prodigal son.

For my readers who don’t know that story and as a refresher course for all us, Read: Luke 15:11-32.

Today I’m going to focus on a part of that story a lot of us pass over when we read the parable. It’s the part of the older brother. Verses 25-32 of that story focus entirely on the elders brothers reaction to the prodigal son’s return.

Now let’s bring his responses home and see how we are doing.

A ‘bad’ boy/girl gives his/her life to Christ. You saw it happen.All of a sudden, every testimony Sunday,this person has a testimony of how God has been so awesome and has done this and that and how he/she now realizes it is sweet to know Jesus. Meanwhile you’ve been born again since age 5 , never strayed, walked the straight and narrow and yet you’ve been praying the same prayer point that this bad boy/girl turned Christian just testified about for 10 years.

You get jealous. or let me say it nicely, you feel bad.

You avoid prayer,God starts to seek you out. In response you rant and rave and tell God He’s not being fair.

Who’s been there? I have. Too many times to count. I think I was going down that road again this week so God used this parable to call me to order-again.

God said to me, the same thing the father in the parable said to the elder brother. Read with me: My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. 32 But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’”-Luke 15:31-32 (NIV)

Can you see it? Okay, Let me break it down.

Dear lifelong/long term Christian who is getting jealous of the new convert who seems to be getting all the blessings, Listen:

You have ALWAYS been God’s child. You have always had access to everything that belongs to Him. Everything you need and want He can and will give to you. It’s your inheritance anyway, but you have to ask.

Do you notice that in that story,the elder brother never said he asked for anything and was refused. He got angry because he had an entitlement mentality. He did not receive because be did not ask.

I hear those of you saying,I have asked and asked, yet nothing.

We all know by now that there are a myriad of reasons why this may be the case. That’s the subject of another post entirely.

I’ll end today’s post with something I heard/read somewhere that completely applies here.

The reason you’re upset over the fact that someone else has something you’re praying for is because you unconsciously think that it means that they are depriving you of something you deserve.

Listen God has more than enough blessings for all of us. Our requests cannot bankrupt heaven’s storehouse.

And he gives to each of us according to His will.

So I’m checking my heart this season to flush out all traces of the elder brother syndrome hanging out there.

Who’s with me?


And It Came To Pass…

If you are a fan of the King James Version of the bible, you’re used to the words of today’s title. People like me however run as far as our legs can carry us to simpler to read versions of the bible. I do not enjoy needless headaches in trying to understand the written word of my lover and saviour.

Do I have any comrades so far?

So imagine my surprise when the five words in today’s title started ringing in my spirit this morning. Of course my trusted versions didn’t have those words in that order so I went to KJV.

I realize that those words were used to refer to things that had happened. In a sense, it is used to begin reported speech. Story telling. Things that came and had passed.

Message for today: IT CAME TO PASS!

If it has come,it will pass. No matter what it is, It will not stay the same for ever.

That storm you’re in, it started one day and it will end one day. It came, it will pass.

That struggle you’re stuck in, It came to pass.

I don’t know what your issues are but they came and they will pass.

And look through the bible, the people in the story usually survived the story.

Don’t worry, that storm will not drown you.

You will survive to tell the world that ‘It came to pass’.

My mantra for today and onwards in every situation that threatens my peace is

This too shall pass because ‘It came to pass’.

Who’s with me?

God’s Building

I was working on a transcript when I heard something that has not left my mind and has therefore motivated today’s post.

The person said that the height of a building determines the depth of it’s foundation. My family is in the building industry so they say this with authority.

Immediately I heard this, my mind got stuck on a particular scripture. Read with me: For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.-1 Corinthians 3:9 (NIV)

Now, my numerous friends in the building industry say that each building is ‘purpose built’. This means that the use of the building determines how you build it. Each building is unique in it’s own way.

Purpose will also determine the cost.A person who wants to build a ten storey building with five hundred rooms for public use will definitely spend more money and time than the person who wants to build a 3 bedroom bungalow for personal use.

One is not better than the other, it is a question of purpose or use.

Are we together so far?

You, are God’s building. You are purpose built. The reason for your existence determined the way you were created and determines what God allows in your life.

The person next to you is not necessarily better that you,it is a question of purpose. Did God create you to be a ten storey building that needs 10 feet of foundation (or something like that)? Why are you complaining because the person God created to be a 3 bedroom bungalow is roofing their building while you’re still in the foundation stages even though you started at the same time and you’ve spent more money?

Your purpose will determine your building process including the cost you will bear and the time you will spend.

You are God’s building. He will finish the job. God does not abandon projects.

So while you’re waiting and everyone seems to be going faster than you, remember that ‘We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.’-2 Corinthians 10:13.

Your pace is determined by your purpose not by your efforts. Relax and obey and let God walk you into purpose as He completes His magnificent masterpiece building- You!

I’m learning again to let God build me.

Who’s with me?

Your Sin, Your Choice

This is another long overdue post. God had to use an amazing sister in the Lord to push this out. Thank you sis. So I’ll waste no time in getting to the crux of the matter.

Have you ever done something wrong and immediately blamed someone else for your actions? We all have,haven’t we? We all started playing the blame game since when we were kids. As we grew up,we learned how to take responsibility for our actions ( well, some of us did).

Now, let’s talk about sin. You know those things that grieve the God you claim to love with your whole heart and soul. Those things he expressly and impliedly told you not to do. When you slip up and do them what do you do?

Do you instantly blame someone else because ‘they made you do it’? Or do you use the ultimate cop out ‘ it’s not me,it’s the devil.’

We’ve all done it one time or the other, But is that response right? Is it the response a Christian should have?

For some of you who are thinking, well yes. Sometimes. Read with me:
‘but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.’-James 1:14-15 (NIV)

Nobody makes you do anything. Not even God. Everything you do or do not do,you choose/chose to do or not do. A fellow human being cannot make you sin, you choose to sin. The devil does not make you sin, you choose to sin. Consciously or unconsciously, you choose to sin.

Somebody is asking, what of Genesis 3 in the bible? Read that passage again. The devil did not make Eve sin,he suggested the sin, Eve didn’t make Adam sin,she suggested the possibility. Each person in that story made a choice. They chose to sin against the express commands of God and brought the sin nature upon the entire human race.

Jesus came to redeem us from the power of the sin nature and He has done that but guess what? Receiving the salvation that He offers is a choice. You have to make the choice yourself.God wil not make you make it. The offer is available,but you have to take it.

And we know not everybody will.

The only thing,the devil or anyone else for that matter can do for you in regards to sin is to tempt you to sin and temptation is not sin. Yielding to temptation, doing the sinful thing is the sin.

Now, to this temptation issue, The sin that will you will be tempted to commit is in the area of your life that your carnal desires have not yet been submitted to God. Simply put, If it tempts you, that area of your life needs to submitted to God. You still have evil desires in that area of your life.

It is YOUR OWN evil desire that tempts you.

I didn’t write the bible,I’m just pointing out what it says.

So deal with the root of your temptations- your evil desires and you will deal with the root of your sin.

While that’s a work in progress, accept that your sin is your choice. If you sinned,you chose to do it. Stop putting the blame at everybody else’s feet except your own.

It is the sin you own up to that you can confront and overcome. If you refuse to own up to your sin, you can never have victory over it.

And to the person who’s asking, What about addicts? They can’t help themselves.

Same answer, Addicts chose their addictions. The chose it for so long it became a seemingly unbreakable habit. It has become an unconscious choice. The first step in breaking an addiction is accepting that your addiction as your choice. Ask any addiction therapy group,they’ll tell you the same thing.

Accept that you choose/chose to sin, so you and God can begin to deal with it.

I’m re- evaluating my choices in relation to sin today.

Who’s with me?