And You Say You Are A Christian

Have you ever been in a situation where someone disagrees with you and in setting you straight they say things like: ‘

And you say you are born again’ or in my case, I’ve heard, ‘Don’t you teach bible study/Sunday school?.

If you are like me, they succeed in making you feel guilty and wondering if you’re living up to your calling as a believer.

Does anyone feel me? Has anyone been there?

Well, I almost went down that road of doubt today but the Holy Spirit is so sweet. He reminded me that:

‘Those He foreordained, He also called, those He called, He justified, those he justified He also glorified.- Romans 8:30.

Son/Daughter of Zion, Only God justifies. If your God doesn’t condemn you, don’t let any man do it.

I do not care who they are to you, they do not have the right to take you back into the condemnation that Jesus died to take you out of.

So your walk is not perfect and you still have your issues. You are God’s building and He is not finished with you yet.

God ordained and called you to represent Him despite your issues and imperfections.

Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for having the issues they seem to be so sure you have.

Don’t let anyone stop you from serving God with your gifts and calling despite your issues and imperfections.

Should you ignore your issues? Of course not!Let God work with you to deal with the things that still need to be dealt with, but please don’t let anyone use them to drag you backwards into the place of condemnation.

God paid too high a price for your freedom.

I’m a Christian. I’m not a perfect human being.

God knows that and doesn’t judge me for it. I refuse to give anyone that power over me.

Who’s With Me?


It’s Inevitable

You are going to die.

I am going to die.

Before you start all the ‘ God forbid’ and ‘I reject it in Jesus name’ drama, read on and listen.

We all don’t like to talk about it, but one thing is certain, we are going to die. The minute you took that first breath, the date of the last one was already recorded by God- Psalm 139:16 make that very clear.

Whether you like it or not, your days are numbered and the countdown has begun.

I have been mulling over two scriptures lately in the wake of the demise of Myles Munroe and when I hear this morning that Chaz B passed; I realized that I had to put this down.

When your life ends, it’s the beginning of a journey called eternity. Question is, where will you spend it? Heaven or Hell? The choice is up to you. If you want to choose heaven and don’t know how, find the nearest bible and read the whole of John 3. Give Jesus your life and settle that matter.

When your life ends, (if Jesus tarries) the world will move on. The earth will continue its turn on its orbit. This brings me to my second question, What legacy are you going to leave behind?

If the word ‘legacy’ sounds too fancy, let me simplify it for you. What do you want to be remembered for?
Will you be able to say with confidence that ‘It is finished’? –John 19:30.

Will you be able to say like Paul that ‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished my race and I have kept the faith? ‘- 2 Timothy 4:7

Third question, what race are you running? Is it your race o another person’s race? Are you fighting the fight you were born to fight or you are fighting another person’s fight?

Listen, the fulfilment of purpose and the finishing of one’s life race is not a function of how many years you live. It’s about HOW you live those years.

Jesus lived 33 years on earth and he could say with a certainty ‘It is finished’.

Sir/Madam, How many years have you lived? How much life is in those years?

A simple litmus test as I finish this post:

Ask yourself this question, If I die today, what will I be remembered for? How many people will be able to say ‘Thank God he/she came?

If ALL you will remembered for are things that fade, houses, cars, money and other material things…. I reserve my comment.

Like Myles Munroe said ‘Jesus didn’t build houses, he built people.’
I’m off going to put some more life into my counting down years.

Who’s with me?