Lonely? There’s Help!

Have you ever being so lonely that nothing made a difference? You could be in a crowd, be with people and the loneliness doesn’t lift?

If you have, after a while, you learnt to mask it and smile like everything is fine, but you know you’re longing for a companionship that no one around you-sometimes not even your spouse can give you.

Anybody feel me?

If you’ve being there, welcome to the club.

If you’re like me, over time, you’ve tried to cure that loneliness with anything and everything, name it, you’ve tried it.

For some it’s alcohol, some, work, some sex and for some work, some shopping.-anything. And it seems to work for a time and then you’re back to where you started.

What’s the permanent solution?, you may be asking.

Read with me: God sets the lonely in families – Psalm 68:6

Sounds cliche doesn’t it? But it’s true. The lasting answer to that loneliness is found in God. Not in a new job, boyfriend, husband, money, clothes or anything else.

Ask around, if people are honest, they will tell you that despite having all these things, they are still lonely.

So what to do?

Join me in taking that loneliness to God today instead of looking for quick fixes.

Who’s with me?



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