The Responsibility Of The Blessing

This post has been long overdue and I have been mulling i over and over in my mind. It’s about time I obeyed and put this down.

On a couple of earlier post, I have said that the minute God made you, he blessed you. You come to earth blessed. The scripture clearly states that Genesis 1:28. Read with me:

‘And God blessed them. And God said d to them, Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.’

It’s clear that from the point man was created, the first thing God did was to bless man-both male and female. The focus of our discourse today will be on the next thing God said to man immediately after the blessing. God essentially gave man responsibilities.

Excuse me sir/Madam ,that blessing God gave you is not just so you can sit pretty and be very spiritual looking and sounding, there are specific responsibilities attached to your inherent blessing. I like to call them the five mandates of man. They are:

Be Fruitful: To be fruitful is to be productive or conducive to producing in abundance. Are you living a productive life with all the blessings (Talents, gifts, natural inclinations, opportunities) that God has given you?

Multiply: To have offspring: How many offspring do you have ? How have you reproduced yourself in others? Before you go off telling about how you are too young to or unable to have biological children, I’m not talking about mere biological birth here. How many people have you poured yourself into to help them maximize their talents and callings and gifts? How many people can look back and say ,I’m a better person because you exist? Multiply!

Fill the earth: To fill the earth signifies occupation or assumption of a position. God created you to be his representative on earth and to occupy the earth and act as manger of the earth’s resources. How’s that assignment going? Are you representing God properly?

Subdue it: To subdue something or someone is to hold within limits and control. Sir/Madam, God created you to control the earth and not the other way round. How is that going sir?

Have dominion: Simply put be in control of all other creations of God on earth except your fellow man.

And they wonder why I can’t understand religions that say they worship the earth or the sea or some other creations. I mean, If God gave me a mandate to subdue the earth, why would I worship it?
The same goes for those who create replicas of animals or reptiles or birds and begin to worship them, where is your dominion?
Man /Woman of God, you are already blessed but your blessing comes with responsibilities.
Wake up to your responsibilities today. I promise you your life will never remain the same.
Who’s with me?