This month, I will be dwelling on lessons from Genesis 26- The story of Isaac. Today, I will look at one part of the story and I’ll share some of the lessons I have learnt.

The chapter starts by saying that there was a famine in the land, yet, God told Isaac to stay in that land and that He would bless him there.

In case you do not understand what a famine is, it means that the land was unfruitful; therefore the people in that land will not be able to feed. In times of famine, It’s usually a migrate or starve situation so it would have made sense for Isaac to move his family to a place where there was food. Yet, God told him to stay in Gerar where there was famine.

What has God told you to do that makes absolutely no human sense? What is going on around you that call for a plan B you can access but God says No?

I know it can be frustrating but stay where He says. He’ll bless you there.

Verse 12 of that chapter drops the bombshell, It says Isaac sowed seed in that land and in that same year reaped a hundred fold of what he had planted and the Lord blessed him.

Isaac sowed in a land that was termed ‘unprofitable’-I mean, there was famine in the land. I can imagine how much of ridicule he would have received for sowing in a land where there was famine but he sowed anyway.

What is God telling you to do that seems unprofitable or is earning you ridicule? What has God told you to do that men think and say is stupid?

Keep doing it. The Bible says Isaac sowed. He put in the effort, He tilled the soil. Even though he probably saw no future or hope of success, He sowed. He did what he needed to do to reap the harvest.

And the harvest came! In hundredfold, it came. Breaking every law of productivity and farming. The harvest came.

The harvest came because Isaac chose to obey God in staying when He was told to and sowing even when the land was unprofitable.

Stay where he says, do what He asks-no matter how silly it may sound. The harvest will come.

I commit to staying and doing in accordance to His will no matter how stupid it might look to the world.
Who’s with me?



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