He’s Right There

Have you ever been in a situation so bleak you just had to ask ‘Where is God?

If you haven’t, good for you. If you have, I’m in good company.

Read with me: And the earth was without form;and the Spirit of the Lord moved over the surface of the waters. Genesis 1:2

The earth after it was created was the definition of the word ‘bleak’. I mean, the bible describes it as ‘formless’ and dark

Does your world lack form and order right now? Is your world filled with darkness that nothing permeates?

There’s good news for you. Just as the spirit of God was right there in the midst of the formless and darkened earth, God is right there in the midst of your life.

The same God who spoke order and light into the created earth’s disorder is there to speak order and light into your life.

So when next I’m faced with a ‘Where is God’ situation, It’ll do me well to remember:

He’s right here!

Who’s with me?


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