What You Sow, Not Where

Have you ever done something good and got nothing in return or worse, evil in return?

Has your good been repaid with evil so many times you’ve decided to stop trying?

Does it seem like your good seeds never reap a harvest from the soil you sow them into?

If you feel me, Read this: “God is not mocked, Whatever a man sows, he shall also reap”-Galatians 6:7

Someone showed me this a few years ago. Listen.

Notice that that verse uses the word ‘whatever’ not ‘where ever’

We make the mistake of thinking that the harvest will come from where we sow the seed because it seems logical, and we get discouraged when that does not happen.

The God of the harvest did not promise that you will reap ‘where’ you sow, he only promised to multiply what you sow.

Stop looking to the soil or the seed for harvest, start looking at the God of the harvest and you’ll find more than you bargained for.

Time for some gaze shifting.

Who’s with me?


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