What Are You Sowing?

This post has been long overdue. Thanks to patchy internet connection and some laziness on my part, i did not get round to writing it till now.

A very short but insightful scripture brought to mind the beginning of  the year 2012. My pastor at the time tagged the year ‘The year of harvest’.  As a result, as often as possible that year, he said ‘All the seeds you have sown will germinate and you will reap the harvest this year’. At the sound of the thunderous ‘Amen’ the first time I heard him say that prayer, the Holy Spirit gave me pause with a very popular scripture that He dropped in my spirit.

Read with me: ‘God is not mocked, Whatever a man sows, he shall also reap-Gal 6:7

And the Holy Spirit led me  and a  few of my friends to do some serious soul searching. If God answered the prayer above based on ALL the seeds that I had sown up to that point, would I like the harvest?

The honest answer was a big No! So my friends and I who came to the same conclusion decided to pray ours a little differently. We asked God for mercy over our bad seed and ask Him to kill them and multiply our good seeds.

Today, I’m asking you the same question.If you were to reap from every seed you’ve sown, would you like all the harvest you’d get?

If you’re like me, back then and even now, the answer is still No! There are some seeds I’ve sown that I need God’s mercy to intervene over.

But the scripture is  clear-You will reap what you sow. so, what are you sowing today?

I consciously begin to sow good seeds from this day forward.

Who’s with me?




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