Calling Him Lord?

Sometimes I wonder why I have to see certain things in scripture when ignorance would have been bliss.

Well that’s the story of my life. God really does love me so He challenges and encourages me to a higher standard.

I’ve been sharing these challenges and encouragements with you for a while now. Here’s today’s challenge.

Read with me: Why do you call me Lord, Lord and do not do what I say?-Luke 6:46

A Lord rules and commands obedience. A Lord’s commands and instructions are carried out without delay.

To submit to another’s lordship is to submit to their authority.

You do not disobey your Lord-especially when you chose to make Him your Lord.

If you can choose to obey or disobey then there is no Lordship.

Look through your life and your walk with God as I look through mine.

Whose agenda am I running?

Who am I obeying?

Should I really be calling him Lord if I don’t obey him?

Should you?

I’m checking my obedience level today.

Who’s with me?



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