Your Part in His Story

I woke up today with a chapter of Scripture ringing in my head probably from my dreams.

The thing was , this particular chapter of scripture was not exactly one that I was familiar with so I put it out of my mind and didn’t even check it out.

But the Holy Spirit wouldn’t let up so I turned my bible to the troublesome passage-Psalm 105 , and wow! Talk about a lot!

That passage chronicled the journey of Israel to and eventually from Egypt and something struck me in the middle of reading it.

The story of Joseph. He went from his father’s house to pit, to slavery to prison, then to prime minister. To what end?

There are a lot of side street lessons to be learnt about the character of God and other things from Joseph’s story,no doubt but the ultimate reason for his character in God’s story:

To bring Israel to Egypt in fulfilment of God’s overall plan.

The story of Joseph was not about Joseph, It was about God’s plan and how he fit into it.

History is exactly what it says it is-His Story. God’s story. Every person who has ever lived just plays their role in the story and bows out once they are done.

The story of your life is not about you! It’s about God and his overall plan.

Make sure you find the part of the story you’re created to fit into and stay there.

How do I know where I fit in you ask?

Listen to the advice David gave.

Read with me: ‘Look to the Lord and His strength, Seek His face always-Psalm105:4

Sounds like sound advice to me. What about you?

It’s never too late to start so I’m starting right now.

I’m asking God about my place in the plan.
Who’s with me?


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