Have you prayed, fasted, searched the word over a matter and and you just were not sure what God was saying?

Have you ever wondered how those people who seem to hear God so clearly in everything do it?

Have you ever wondered how they got to that point of certainty?

If you’ve never wondered, I thank God for you and I want to be like you lol.

But if the questions above sound like the questions you’ve asked or are currently asking, welcome to the club.

I had these questions for a long time in my Christian walk until God taught me an answer.

For a long time, I couldn’t share that answer because I did not have a scripture to quote to back it up.

Until last Sunday.

In the middle of a sermon, the pastor quoted a scripture and since then I knew I finally had to share this to help as many people in the same boat.

Read with me: ‘But solid food is for the mature whose perceptions are trained by practice to discern both good and evil.’-Hebrews 5: 14 (NET)

The punch line for today is ….’Whose perceptions are trained by practice…’

You can only become certain of God’s voice by practice and obedience.

The first time you feel fairly certain about something God is saying, even if you are not 100% certain, run with it.

If it doesn’t turn out the way you expect or you felt God told you it would, take it back to Him. He’s the one who makes ALL things work out for our good-even our seeming mistakes-Romans 8:28.

Never get discouraged when you seem to get it wrong.

Keep practicing. Keep training your perception by following the leading as much as you know.

No child ever learns to walk without falling. I dare say that it is almost certain that you will make a few mistakes when you are learning to hear God clearly.

It does not mean you are not saved.

Don’t give up. Keep practicing, keep training your perception.

You’ll get to that point of certainty where you’ll get it right more than you get it wrong.
Continuous perception training mode activated.
Who’s with me?


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