Costly Giving

In the last couple of days I’ve been going through what I now think is ‘growing pains’.

The area of pain has been in giving.

When you see giving, the first thing that comes to mind is money right? Yeah, I know. Before now I would have thought so too.

God asked me to do something that every iota of my right thinking mind thought was completely crazy. (I’ll share the details later when I have the release to do so).

I kept thinking, Lord you’re asking way too much of me. This is so unfair. And more importantly Lord, How does this benefit me?

Anyone feel me?

Then God sent me to this scripture: Give away your life, you’ll find life given back…..Giving not getting is the way.’ Luke 6:37-38(MSG)

And then I realised something big.

Giving away our possessions (things) can be easy. But giving ourselves, that’s hard.

Giving yourself will cost you! It will hurt! It will be hard.

Until this wake up call, I gave comfortable offerings, I gave my tithes, I even gave my possessions sometimes. But they were not costing me any more.

As you grow in God, the things that cost you will change, Hence the things that God will demand of you will also change.

God just woke me up. The God kind of giving will cost me! If it’s not costing me, I’ve been giving on my terms not God’s.

How are you giving? On your terms or God’s terms?

is your giving costing you?

We need to be like David who said ‘I will not offer to the Lord what costs me nothing’-2 Samuel 24:24, I Chronicles 21:24

Examine your giving to God today. Is it costing you something?

Who’s with me in this giving revolution?



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