Servant or Friend?

I have been trying to write this post for over a week now and somehow I keep losing the finished work.
But since I can’t get over the nudging that this message is important, here it is again:
Sometime last week, I was in church and a very popular scripture hit me in a new way and shook me.
Read with me: I no longer call you servants because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead I have called you friends because everything I learned of my father, I have made known to you-John 15:15
Jesus alluded in this scripture that there was a time when the relationship between him and his disciples was strictly a master/servant relationship
He gave instructions, they obeyed out of obligation or even fear. No intimacy, no communion.
However as they spent time together and the disciples got to know him by asking questions, the relationship metamorphosed into a friendship that made obedience to his commandments an act of love.
Many of us however are still stuck in the servant master relationship with God. We obey commands out of fear and a sense of duty. All we know about him was passed down by others.
Christ offers more-a close,intimate friendship that breeds loving obedience as your knowledge of Him grows.
Check your relationship with God. Is it servanthood or friendship?
You however have to accept the offer.
Servant or Friend?
The choice is yours.
I’ve chosen the path of friendship.
Who’s with me?


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