I don’t know about you but I grew up hearing a lot about the devil and how powerful he supposedly is.

My people even have a saying which roughly translates to: The devil has power but cannot save anyone.

In response to this assertion, I’ve heard so many ways you should think about the devil and the appropriate response to him.

Most of these responses,I’ve found are fear based. I’ve been told to bind the devil, pray against the devil and the most interesting one is to avoid anything that will put you in the devil’s line of sight.

This last one,I’ve heard so much in recent times- among believers that I began to wonder what we actually believed.

Bottom line,we’ve been taught to be afraid of the devil.

Sometime last week, I stumbled across a very familiar scripture that I’ve known almost my whole Christian life and it struck me in an entirely new light and brought to light how wrong the beliefs I’ve been taught about the devil are.

Read with me: ‘Submit yourselves therefore to God, resist the devil and he shall flee from you’-James 4:7

This scripture clearly spells out a believer’s action plan against the devil and I do not see anything about keeping a low profile so that the devil does not get you. I don’t see anywhere in the word where Christians are told to fear the devil or flee from the devil.

All we are asked to do is to resist the devil. To resist is to stand against. It is however clear that it only someone that is completely submitted to God that can stand against the devil and watch him flee.

If your actions and prayers are still motivated by the fear of the devil and keeping the devil at bay, then check your level of submission to God and His word.

When God rules your life, you can tell the devil a resounding No! and watch him scamper away in fear.

The devil should live in fear of the believer and not the other way round.

Honestly examine your life. Are you living in fear of the devil or in submission to God?

You cannot do both.

One choice leaves you in bondage, the other sets you free.

The choice is tours.

I choose the freedom in submitting to Christ

Who’s with me?



Servant or Friend?

I have been trying to write this post for over a week now and somehow I keep losing the finished work.
But since I can’t get over the nudging that this message is important, here it is again:
Sometime last week, I was in church and a very popular scripture hit me in a new way and shook me.
Read with me: I no longer call you servants because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead I have called you friends because everything I learned of my father, I have made known to you-John 15:15
Jesus alluded in this scripture that there was a time when the relationship between him and his disciples was strictly a master/servant relationship
He gave instructions, they obeyed out of obligation or even fear. No intimacy, no communion.
However as they spent time together and the disciples got to know him by asking questions, the relationship metamorphosed into a friendship that made obedience to his commandments an act of love.
Many of us however are still stuck in the servant master relationship with God. We obey commands out of fear and a sense of duty. All we know about him was passed down by others.
Christ offers more-a close,intimate friendship that breeds loving obedience as your knowledge of Him grows.
Check your relationship with God. Is it servanthood or friendship?
You however have to accept the offer.
Servant or Friend?
The choice is yours.
I’ve chosen the path of friendship.
Who’s with me?


I don’t know about you but over the years I’ve heard the phrase ‘love is not enough to keep a marriage’ – even from pastors, and I’ve honestly come to believe it.

Until last night.

I was in one of my very argumentative moods with the Holy Spirit and we were talking relationships and marriage-again, and in supporting one of my arguments, I said: ‘But God, Love is not enough to keep a marriage’.

And then as usual God stopped me cold in my tracks with His response: You mean I’m not enough to keep a marriage?

I stop cold. Then the Holy Spirit goes on and reminds me of a scripture I’ve known since I was a child:

Read with me: The person who refuses to love does not know the first thing about love because God is love- 1 John 4:8(MSG).

Of course the punch line was ‘God is love’.

The lesson continued: If you say love is not enough to keep a marriage, then you are saying I’m not enough to keep a marriage.

All other kinds of love- romantic love especially are needed, but not enough to keep a marriage. The kind of love I’ve given you and called you to give – the God kind of love is however all you need to make a marriage work.

Romantic love will not keep a marriage but the God kind of love will. End of lesson.

Question :(God ): Is Love enough to keep a marriage?

Answer: (me mumbling, after eating humble pie) : Yes

The God kind of love is all I need to make a marriage work because that kind of love is God Himself!

I need to renew my mind and cultivate the God kind of love!

Who’s with me?



I was teaching a lesson last Sunday and a student read a very popular scripture from The Message translation. I have not been able to get it out of my head since then so I thought it wise to share.

Read with me: ‘….Work hard for sin your whole life and your pension is death. But God’s gift is real life, eternal life, delivered by Jesus, our Master.’ –Romans 6:23

When we choose careers and jobs in the world today, most of us choose the ones that have great benefits such as health insurance and a great pension plan.

We call it planning for our future in retirement.

As I read the scripture above, I was forced to examine my life and ask myself:

What is your eternal pension plan?

The same way I have the right to choose employers on earth and they determine the quality of my earthly pension plan, I have a right to choose who my eternal employer and pension plan provider is- The devil or God.

 I cannot pull a salary or a pension from organisation that I have not worked for according to their conditions of service here on earth no matter how much I claim to belong to the organisation.

The same rule applies to the Kingdom of God. You cannot claim the benefits of the Kingdom if you do not belong to the kingdom. You do not belong to the kingdom by merely declaring it.

Your actions will show where your loyalties lie.

Where your loyalties lie on earth will determine who pays your eternal pension.

There are only two options.

The devil or The Lord. Death or Life

The choice is yours!

Check your life today. What are you working for?

What pension plan are you working towards?

I choose the Lord! I choose Life!

Who’s with me?