I stumbled upon a scripture last Sunday and it inspired this post.

Read with me:  These rules may seem wise because they require strong devotion, pious self-denial, and severe bodily discipline. But they provide no help in conquering a person’s evil desires.- Colossians 2:23

Have you ever filled a form that had a box or column asking for your religion? I know you have. If you go to church, you ticked Christian right? I‘ve done it too. Countless times

And if you grew up in church like me, you probably know a lot about religion.  We were bred, buttered and jammed in it (lol).

God help you if your parents were Church leaders and you were expected to be constantly exemplary.

You know all the do’s and don’ts, the traditions, the mannerisms, doctrines-the whole nine yards. I know I did.

 You are born again from age 5,you know all the right buzz words, you know the bible from cover to cover-I mean you read it through every year (lol), when you pray, hmmm, heaven moves and yet you know your life is anything but Christ like.  And for a while you feel guilty. After a while, the guilt fades into acceptance.

I realised over time however that the knowledge of the rules and even the threat of, and actual punishment did not stop me from doing the things that I knew were wrong. (Most of the time in secret though-we have to keep up appearances in church)

Any witnesses in the house?

If you’re a witness, keep reading. There’s hope. Your life can line up to Christ’s.  How? You may ask.

Throw out the rule book, doctrines, expectations and traditions, clichéd prayers and get to know the Christ you have received. Read his word as you would read a letter from your lover- because that’s who He is. He loves you to bits.

Read His Word as you would read a love letter-carefully, repeatedly and continuously. Spend time talking to him as you would talk to your best friend or a loved one. Your relationship will grow and blossom and you will find that you’re constantly being changed from the inside out till you are more and more like Him.

If your Christianity is still based on do’s and don’ts and traditions of the church or church doctrine only,I’m afraid you still have a long way to go.

Religion, with its rules and traditions and mannerisms won’t save you, only a working relationship with Christ will.

I’ve shaken off religion and I’m cultivating my relationship with Christ.

Who’s with me?


Further Reading: Colossians 2:6-end




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