I was in one of my favourite places to meditate think and plan today and suddenly it hit me like a wave. I’ve been trying to ignore the urge to share but it won’t go away.

Read with me: ‘If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, Behold everything has become new’.-2 Corinthians 5:17

It is no longer news a person’s claim to be a Christian in today’s world is usually taken with a pinch of salt especially with the atrocities being committed daily by so called men/women of God –in the name of Christ no less.

 I have repeatedly pointed out that saying you are a Christian, speaking ‘Christainese’ and blowing Phd level tongues will not get you to heaven. Only the fruit of the Spirit will. Read this:

But today the reason a lot of Christians don’t bear Christ- like fruit hit me squarely in the face. The Holy Spirit does that sometimes.

A lot of Christians are in church but they are not in Christ! They have all the right words, mannerisms and even manifest the gifts of the spirit. These things are so easy to pick up and act out that they themselves may not know that they are acting a script.

I know firsthand because I used to be that person. I was in Church for a long time before I was in Christ.

You can even be a pastor and not be in Christ.

When you are in Christ, it shows! You change from the inside out. Being in Church only changes you from the outside in. And that does not last. (see Scripture reference above!)

As much as being in church is important, being is Christ is the ultimate. That’s the only way to heaven.

If you are not sure where you fall, check your life. Can men see a visible change in your life? Are you becoming more Christ like every day?

Does the word transform you from the inside out or do you just cram it to show off in church and bible sword?

Its easy to swing from one end to the other.

If you think you’re sure, Please check. Examine yourself!

Are you in Christ or just in Church?

I’m checking where I stand. I’m making sure I’m still in Christ

Who’s with me?



4 Replies to “IN CHURCH OR IN CHRIST?”

  1. Food for thought: “Does the word transform you from the inside out or do you just cram it to show off in church and bible sword?” Thank you for sharing. I’m actually sharing a similar post next week Monday. God definitely wants us to focus on our Christian growth.

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