I’ve been ruminating over a very common scripture for the past two days but tonight I finally got the conviction to share.

Read with me: ‘The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want-Psalm 23:1

The last four words of that verse suddenly started stopping me recently. ‘I shall not want’.

 That is my definition of a blank cheque if I ever had one..

Note that David did not say I shall not need, he said I shall not want.

My knowledge of Economics kicks in here and I’m reminded that  I was taught that human wants are unlimited and insatiable and that we should focus more on meeting our needs which limited and therefore satiable.

Any witnesses in the house?

David essentially tells us that it is possible to have all our wants-not just needs met by God. Isn’t that just fantastic?

Before you go off and start claiming promises, pull those brakes, there is a condition attached to the promise.

The condition is the first five words of that verse-‘The Lord is my Shepherd

The shepherd leads, corrects, guides, instructs and has ultimate control over the sheep.

Does the Lord have complete control over you?

Does He lead, control, Instruct and direct ALL your affairs?

Think about it.

It is only when you say without a shadow of doubt that ‘The Lord is my Shepherd that you can go on and claim the promise that says ‘I shall not want’

I want a blank Cheque from God.

I need to allow Him to be my shepherd.

Who’s with me?




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