I was reading a very familiar scripture this weekend and as usual, I realized something I just have to share.

Read with me:

I am the true vine. My Father is the gardener- John 15:1

I don’t know a lot about gardening and plants but I understand the branches are joined to vines-they receive their nourishment from it.

As long as a branch is joined to a vine, whatever the vine receives from the root of the tree, the branch receives.

If the vine is poisoned, the branch will be poisoned. If the vine is fruitful, the branch will be fruitful.

It’s poignant that Jesus qualifies the word ‘vine’ in this scripture with the adjective ‘true’. This presupposes that there are false vines out there.

As believers, we should be the branches of Christ, the true vine.

But are we really connected to the true vine or the false vine?

If we are connected to the true vine, all that Christ represents should be seen in us.

Check your life. Are you manifesting the traits of the true vine? If not, check your connection, you might just be hanging a fake vine.

What vine do your actions say you are connected to?

I’m re-evaluating my connection today

Who’s with me?







  1. Very true! Have to be careful not to start ‘hanging on a fake vine’ i.e when i make things, people or even pastors my connection to God instead of Jesus. Thanks Tobi :)!

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