I have heard it preached time and time again that all you need to do to receive from God is to have faith.

I have even been told before that the reason I have not received certain things from God or still have certain issues is because I lack faith completely or do not have enough faith.

I have to admit that this assertion had me confused and disillusioned for a while in my walk with God especially when things I felt I had great faith about did not happen as I expected.

Do I have a witness in the house?

I have since grown in my walk with God and I now know better. This week I was reminded of a scripture which inspired this post.

Read with me: ‘We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised’-Hebrews 6:12

Most of the time, you need to add patience to faith to receive from God. Impatient faith will either lead you to sin or leave you in doubt.

You need more than faith to receive from God; you need to have patience too.

I’m learning patient faith.

Who’s with me?





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