It’s been 12 years since you left! Wow time does fly. I look back over the years and… hmm, I miss you!

You’ve missed so many milestones,-weddings, grandchildren and graduations- your absence is still keenly felt.

There’s been no one to argue with that would end the argument with ‘I’m your mother so you better listen to me’.

By the way, I did listen. I know it did not look like I was listening but I did. And you were right. –at least 90% of the time.lol

Thank you for pushing me beyond my limits and reiterating all the time that limits only existed in my mind. I use that lesson all the time now.

You were right, I have a lot more to prove than my siblings do; but because you prepared me, I have proved and I’m still proving it.

Thank you for emphasising that soundness of mind makes you more beautiful than the perfect body ever would. Your investment in the development of my mind is paying off big time.

Thank you for passing on a healthy dose of stubborn genes. The earned me multiple spankings as a child but they serve me in good stead today.

Those years of Topz, Everyday with Jesus and bible sword was gruelling. Thank you for enforcing them. I’m better for it today.

There’s so much to reflect on and be grateful for in the last 12 years since we last had you with us but none as important as the privilege of being raised by a ‘limited edition’ mother like you.

We all miss you!




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