I’ve been ruminating over a very common scripture for the past two days but tonight I finally got the conviction to share.

Read with me: ‘The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want-Psalm 23:1

The last four words of that verse suddenly started stopping me recently. ‘I shall not want’.

 That is my definition of a blank cheque if I ever had one..

Note that David did not say I shall not need, he said I shall not want.

My knowledge of Economics kicks in here and I’m reminded that  I was taught that human wants are unlimited and insatiable and that we should focus more on meeting our needs which limited and therefore satiable.

Any witnesses in the house?

David essentially tells us that it is possible to have all our wants-not just needs met by God. Isn’t that just fantastic?

Before you go off and start claiming promises, pull those brakes, there is a condition attached to the promise.

The condition is the first five words of that verse-‘The Lord is my Shepherd

The shepherd leads, corrects, guides, instructs and has ultimate control over the sheep.

Does the Lord have complete control over you?

Does He lead, control, Instruct and direct ALL your affairs?

Think about it.

It is only when you say without a shadow of doubt that ‘The Lord is my Shepherd that you can go on and claim the promise that says ‘I shall not want’

I want a blank Cheque from God.

I need to allow Him to be my shepherd.

Who’s with me?





I was reading a very familiar scripture this weekend and as usual, I realized something I just have to share.

Read with me:

I am the true vine. My Father is the gardener- John 15:1

I don’t know a lot about gardening and plants but I understand the branches are joined to vines-they receive their nourishment from it.

As long as a branch is joined to a vine, whatever the vine receives from the root of the tree, the branch receives.

If the vine is poisoned, the branch will be poisoned. If the vine is fruitful, the branch will be fruitful.

It’s poignant that Jesus qualifies the word ‘vine’ in this scripture with the adjective ‘true’. This presupposes that there are false vines out there.

As believers, we should be the branches of Christ, the true vine.

But are we really connected to the true vine or the false vine?

If we are connected to the true vine, all that Christ represents should be seen in us.

Check your life. Are you manifesting the traits of the true vine? If not, check your connection, you might just be hanging a fake vine.

What vine do your actions say you are connected to?

I’m re-evaluating my connection today

Who’s with me?






I have heard it preached time and time again that all you need to do to receive from God is to have faith.

I have even been told before that the reason I have not received certain things from God or still have certain issues is because I lack faith completely or do not have enough faith.

I have to admit that this assertion had me confused and disillusioned for a while in my walk with God especially when things I felt I had great faith about did not happen as I expected.

Do I have a witness in the house?

I have since grown in my walk with God and I now know better. This week I was reminded of a scripture which inspired this post.

Read with me: ‘We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised’-Hebrews 6:12

Most of the time, you need to add patience to faith to receive from God. Impatient faith will either lead you to sin or leave you in doubt.

You need more than faith to receive from God; you need to have patience too.

I’m learning patient faith.

Who’s with me?





I have heard people teach and preach that once you are saved, you are forever saved, meaning that no matter what you do after you give your life to Christ, you are assured of heaven.

The argument of the ‘once saved, forever saved’ proponents is that we are saved by grace and faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross, so your works has no bearing on your salvation.

I have always pointed this understanding out as wrong, but sometime last week the Holy Spirit gave me irrefutable evidence that what we do with our lives after we receive the free gift of salvation  determines where we spend eternity.

Yes, we are saved by grace through faith-Ephesians 2:8-9, our holiness and perfection is imputed to us when we receive the free gift of salvation – Hebrews 10:10;

But read along with me: Dear friends, if we deliberately continue sinning after we have received knowledge of the truth, there is no longer any sacrifice that will cover these sins.- Hebrews 10:26

You cannot deliberately continue to sin and stay saved.

 You can lose your salvation if you do not clean up your act and actions and conform them to Christ.

Permit me to say, your salvation needs maintenance for it to get you to heaven.

The maintenance required is staying away from deliberate sin.

You can lose your salvation. Be on your guard to keep it!

Salvation maintenance mode activated!

Who’s with me?






It’s been 12 years since you left! Wow time does fly. I look back over the years and… hmm, I miss you!

You’ve missed so many milestones,-weddings, grandchildren and graduations- your absence is still keenly felt.

There’s been no one to argue with that would end the argument with ‘I’m your mother so you better listen to me’.

By the way, I did listen. I know it did not look like I was listening but I did. And you were right. –at least 90% of the time.lol

Thank you for pushing me beyond my limits and reiterating all the time that limits only existed in my mind. I use that lesson all the time now.

You were right, I have a lot more to prove than my siblings do; but because you prepared me, I have proved and I’m still proving it.

Thank you for emphasising that soundness of mind makes you more beautiful than the perfect body ever would. Your investment in the development of my mind is paying off big time.

Thank you for passing on a healthy dose of stubborn genes. The earned me multiple spankings as a child but they serve me in good stead today.

Those years of Topz, Everyday with Jesus and bible sword was gruelling. Thank you for enforcing them. I’m better for it today.

There’s so much to reflect on and be grateful for in the last 12 years since we last had you with us but none as important as the privilege of being raised by a ‘limited edition’ mother like you.

We all miss you!




I got to church a little early today and I had time on my hands before the ‘service’ started. All of a sudden, It hit me that every time I go to church, I say I’m going for service.

We all say that, don’t we?

Wait a minute and let’s consider the meaning of the word ‘service’. In simple terms it connotes doing something for someone. Rendering a ‘service ‘implies that in doing what you are doing, the satisfaction of the recipient is always of utmost importance.

When I was working in customer service, my boss had a mantra that translated to ’the customer must always leave this place happy. If the customer is unhappy, your job is far from done’.

We all had a laugh about it, but we knew he was right. As long as we are providing a service, the customer has to leave satisfied.

Why is it then that when we say we are going to service, we go expecting God to serve us instead of serving him?

Even those of us who say we are ‘workers’, which attitude do we have when we go to church to ‘work’ for God?

Is our aim to please God or to make our pastor and your church look good to attract the praise of men?

The aim of service is to please the one that is being served, not the one that is doing the serving.

Church services should have the sole aim of pleasing God and not to excite us.

The next time I’m in a church service, I need to focus on pleasing God and God only.

That is why it is called a ‘service’.

Who’s with me?