INSPIRATIONS: The Story Behind the Book

For those that do not already know or guess, I wrote a book. Yes I finally got around to doing it.

It took a long time- about three years in my own estimation, but I have friends who claim they’ve been expecting this for ten years.

‘Inspirations’ is a product of a growing walk with God.  When I started to put these poetic verses together about three years ago I had just started my journey again after a long hiatus into a personal relationship with God.

God was teaching me so many things that my human mind could not hold it all, so  I  started to write it all down.

As I wrote, the more the words came in fulfillment of a scripture the Lord dropped in my heart after this book went into production.

Read with me: ‘There is a Spirit in Man and the inspiration of the almighty gives him understanding-Job 32:8

This book is the beginning of understanding that the Lord has given me about His word.

It’s been an interesting journey and I hope you take it with me.

The book launches in Lagos, Nigeria on Saturday 24th August 2013

Time:12 Noon

Venue: 44 PSSDC Road Magodo Shangisha Lagos Nigeria

If you are in Lagos Nigeria, This is your opportunity to ask me questions and get your copy autographed.

If you’re outside Nigeria, you can purchase the book on Amazon by following the link below:

If you’ve purchased the book and read it, Please drop your reviews on the amazon page.

The feedback will be priceless to me.

Thank you!




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