There is this scripture I learnt a while back that I had somehow relegated to the recesses of my mind that came back out this week and it has me thinking seriously.

I’m here to share that burden.

Read with me:  So whether you eat or drink, whatever you do, do it to the glory of God- 1 Corinthians 10:31

I got stopped cola at the words, ‘whatever you do’.

How many things do I do daily with the sole aim of giving God glory?

I have to admit, not a lot. Probably not 1%of all my actions in one day is geared towards giving God glory

I just run through the day like that without asking His input –most days

Who can relate?

If you can read on.

 If I’m to do everything in a way that would bring glory to God how would my life change?

My thoughts would need an overhauling

I will have to start thinking more of others

The list of required changes is long. Even my attitude to food would have to change!

Sounds weird? Its not so farfetched though, Its scripture

If we did everything with the sole aim of giving Him glory how different would our lives be?

I daresay, that holiness would not be an issue anymore

I’m issuing myself a challenge. I need to do ten things a day with Christ in mind.

I need to be more consistent in including Christ into every aspect of my life.

Who wants to take the challenge with me?



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