There’s an adage in my language that say that ‘twenty children cannot play together for twenty years.’  I’ve found that adage to be quite true in life.

Today I actually confirmed that it is also a spiritual principle. There are certain things that God will not show you until certain people leave your life.

There are certain promises of God for you that will not be revealed or manifest until you separate yourself from certain people.

In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord. He was seated on his throne. His long robe filled the temple. He was highly honoured’- Isaiah 6:1

Every time i read that scripture I wonder why the king had to die before Isaiah, who was a palace prophet could see the Lord. I thought it was just conjecture until today I saw another scripture and was convinced I was on the right track

The Lord spoke to Abram after Lot had left him. He said, “Look up from where you are. Look north and south. Look east and west. 15 I will give you all of the land that you see. I will give it to you and your children after you forever.-Genesis 13:14-15

God waited until Lot had left Abraham before showing him what the deal was.

There are certain people that need to leave tour life for you to see the fullness of God and His plan for your life. Let them go.

Stop holding on to people God wants to weed out of your life before He reveals himself. Stop delaying your revelation.

Let them go! God has substitutes!

I’m letting go of unprofitable connections

Who’s with me?



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