I have heard it being said, that the church today is in a sense ‘recycling’ members.

This basically connotes that unbelievers are not joining the fold in the numbers that they should, the current believers are just moving from congregation to congregation.

Then the question of what to do was thrown to the whole house. More evangelism was suggested, radical approaches put forward.

Then recently, I found myself pondering on that discussion, and the Holy Spirit dropped a verse of Scripture in my Spirit. It reads: ‘And I, if and when I am lifted up from the earth [on the cross], will draw and attract all men [Gentiles as well as Jews] to Myself.-John 12:32

It is not our job as believers to convert on convince anyone, It is the Holy Spirit’s job.

We however have to ensure that our message when we ‘witness’ or ‘evangelize is the right message.

The right message is a message that has Christ not just as the central theme but as the entire subject matter.

Are you preaching Christ or preaching denominational doctrine and dogma?

Any message that does not preach Christ and Christ only cannot be used by the Holy Spirit to convict or convert anyone.

I dare say that this is the reason our evangelism tactics and crusades and all our programmes towards soul winning are bearing little to no fruit.

It is only when Christ is lifted up that He can draw men to Himself.

Are we lifting up Christ or our congregations/General Overseers?

We need to Amplify Christ and nothing else. When we do this He’ll do the rest.

I’m amplifying Christ and Christ only.

Who’s with me?







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