Every time I hear prayers being raised by believers against devils and all the enemies that want to kill them, I usually wonder why we spend so much time focusing on the devil and giving him so much attention.

I don’t know about you but I understand by scripture that the day I gave my life to Christ, my life became hidden with Christ in God- Colossians 3: 3

What does this mean for me as a Christian and for every other person who claims to be one?

Anything that will come to you will have to get through God and then through Christ.

If I have that level of protection, why should I be afraid of anything?

Nothing gets through God that He does not allow. If He allows it, He has a purpose for it. If He has a purpose for it, then I can be sure that it is all working out for my good.-Romans 8:28

This realization does two things for me as a believer:

–          It frees me from the fear of anything because I know that nothing comes to me that has not passed through Him

–          I can be confident that no matter what comes to me, it will all work out for my good beczuse He allowed it.

I hope it does the same for you

Are you living scared or are you living safe?

Your life is hidden with Christ in God

You are safe so live in the consciousness of that safety.

I’m basking in my Christ given safety.

Who’s with me?



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