I was listening to the song ‘I AM by Eddie James this morning and another reason that God described himself to Moses as I AM in Exodus 3:14 just jumped into my spirit.

When you use the words I AM in the English Language, it is the present tense and it is usually followed by something that tells your designation

In this case, God actually leavesthe space for the designation blank.

So its like God giving you a blank cheque for you to fill in the blanks.

So It reads I am ————————–

Only God can do that, He’s the only one who can anything you need him to be per time.

He can be your provider today and your protector tomorrow or even both at once.

He leaves the designation blank so we can fill it with whatever it is we need Him to be per time.

Why don’t we take Him up on the offer? Why do we worry about designations that should be His?

What do you need Him to be to you today?

Put the designation on Him

He is the I AM God.

He is everything you need him to be!
I’m giving God the designations I was not designed to bear.

I’m dropping the weight that His to bear.

Who’s with me today?



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