At the beginning of the month of July 2013, in the midst of all the happy new month greetings and all the ‘welcome to the month of perfection’ messages on Face book, I heard the Lord quietly say to me, ‘This is your month of rest’.

I immediately received the word, but recently, the Lord began to show me what He was saying.

He took me back to the creation story, and reminded me that for six days, He worked. He created.

Now, in an earlier post, I shared, how creation happens in the spiritual and manifests physically at formation.

Read that post here: https://tobilobaajayi.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/let-god-finish/

So the Lord showed me that on the seventh day, He rested-Genesis 2:2. In the seventh month of the year, He also wanted me to rest from my work.

To me, that just did not make sense, I agreed with the fact that I had worked hard in the first six months of the year, who hasn’t? But to rest without seeing the fruits of my labour? That seemed rather unwise.

Then God showed me that when He rested on the seventh day, most of the things he created had not yet manifested physically.

It was after He had taken a break that He went back to form most of these things including man-Genesis 2:7

At that point, my objections were silenced. If God rested before everything was formed who am I not to?

Have you like me, spent the last six months in the creation phase? Why don’t you take a break so that you can be ready for the formation stage?

If you’re like me, you’ll be tempted to get to work while you’re supposed to be resting. Don’t be surprised if nothing works the way you plan it.

It is because you’re working in the wrong season.

I need to relax in my rest season.

Who’s with me?




4 Replies to “TAKE A BREAK”

  1. I would love to rest but my job is such that even when I am supposed to be on holiday, I still have to work and turn in reports from wherever I am. It never stops, it seems… I quite agree though. I often feel burnt out when I don’t take a break from going to the office and often HAVE to take a break from office runs.

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