I was in church today and the choir sang a song about the ‘sacrifice of praise’ and it got me thinking.

Have you ever been in a place in your life where praising God was the last thing you wanted to do?

Have you ever been so angry at God that the thought of blaming God came more easily than praising Him?

If you haven’t, I desire your kind of faith.

If you have, read on my dear comrades.

You see, it is when you are in the situations above and others like it that praise becomes a sacrifice.

When you want to curse God and you praise Him instead, you are offering a sacrifice of praise.

Praise becomes a sacrifice when it costs you and goes beyond the inclinations of your natural mind. If you will have genuine faith, you will need to offer sacrifices of praise from time to time in your walk with God

There are two distinct places in scripture where references are made to a sacrifice of praise. They are: Jeremiah 33:11 and Hebrews 13:15.

In both cases people that were requested or admonished to offer ‘sacrifices of praise were not exactly in the most interesting of life positions, yet God expected them to praise Him.

God understand that you praise will have to be a sacrifice sometimes. The God thing is that it is those kinds of sacrifices that are pleasing to God.

I need to be able to whole heartedly praise God when I can’t find a natural reason to.

I need to be able to offer God a sacrifice of praise.

You should do the same.

Who’s with me?




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