I was in church yesterday and my pastor was teaching from the story of the ten lepers in Luke 17:10-19, and as we read a few things stood out to me that I thought wise to share.

All ten lepers had a degree of faith in Jesus; hence they all called out to Him to help them. They believed he was able and willing, so they asked him for help.

How many times as a Christian do I know God can do something but I still don’t ask him to help because I’m not sure He will do it and I don’t want to be disappointed?

How is my faith? Do I just believe he can or do I believe He can and He will?

When Jesus told them to go and show themselves to the priests without saying anything about their illness –no spiritual gymnastics ,no prayer, no laying of hands, they all obeyed and in their obedience, their healing came.

It leaves me wondering how many things I’ve lost because I disobeyed an express instruction from God because it made no logical sense to me.

And the kicker, the one leper who came back to give thanks and was made whole.

For a very long time I was stumped by the difference between being healed and being made whole until I heard someone describe as the difference between a wound healing and a wound not existing. In essence, when you’re healed the scars remain, when you’re whole it’s as though the wound or injury never occurred.

Thanksgiving made the difference between healing and wholeness.

In summary, three lessons:

My faith needs to go from knowing God can to knowing He will, that’s a major key to receiving from God.

My obedience to God’s Instructions needs to be total; especially when his instructions do not match my expectations and defy my logical reasoning.

There is a major difference between healing and wholeness and while faith +obedience =healing, Faith+ obedience +thanksgiving =wholeness

I need to stop taking things for granted.

I need to work on my faith, my obedience and especially my thanksgiving.

Who’s with me?



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