The fall of man was the beginning of the word trouble.

When Jesus came to redeem us, trouble was the one thing that Jesus did not take away.

Before you crucify me and accuse me of blasphemy, I did not say it o. Jesus did.

‘… this world, you will have trouble…’- John  16:33

Trouble is an integral part of living life. Jesus identifies that. He admonishes us to expect it and tell us to even have a cheerful disposition while in trouble.

It therefore amazes me when Christians go through life expecting al things to go without hitches. Any teaching that teaches that is grossly incorrect and tends to lead people astray.

I’m not being defeatist, I’m just pointing out the truth.

What should we do when trouble comes our way? Rejoice!

I know it sounds ludicrous but that’s what the word admonishes to do-James 1:2

How do you rejoice in trouble? You rejoice because you know the end of the story. Jesus tells us the end of the story- He has overcome the world.

When you know the end of the story, the twists in the plot don’t stump you.

Troubles are the twists in the plot of the story of your life for which you already know the end.

You will have trouble in this world, but you can rejoice through it.

You know the end of the story.

I can rejoice in trouble because I know how it will end.

Who is with me?



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