I came across a reference to the calling of Peter in Luke 5:1-11 today and I learnt a few lessons from Peter I thought I should share.

In that story, Peter was at the end of a very long work night. I’m sure he was eager to get home. Then Jesus shows up, wants to put the boat that was on shore already back in the water.

Talk about interruptions and additional work but Peter obliged.

Can God interrupt your carefully orchestrated plans or are you so set in your ways that even God can’t step in and rearrange things?

Think about it.

Jesus then turned Peter’s boat into His pulpit. You see Peter boat was to him then what your work space is to you today. It was the place he earned his living, yet he allowed Jesus direct its use.

Is Jesus allowed in your work space? Can he direct the use of everything in there? Or is that one of those areas you think you can handle without him?

And the punch line of the story is the point where Jesus tells Peter where and how to fish.  Peter initially objected but said the five words I love so much ‘at you word I will’….

And we know the end of the story.

Do you allow Jesus to teach you how to do your work?

Peter allowed his work space to become Jesus’ pulpit and every known law of fishing was broken.

He never remained the same.

Jesus wants to use your work space too.

He’ll rewrite the law on effectiveness at work in the process,but you need to let him use the space first.

Let Him control what you do and how you do it.

I’m not talking about reeling out your day planner to God and asking Him to bless it, I’m challenging you to let God re-arrange your workday.

You’ll be amazed at what you’ll accomplish.

Be warned though, It’ll point back to Him. He’ll get all the glory.

Ask Peter.

I need to consciously invite God into my work space. I need to let Him run the show.

Who’s with me?



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