This  last week I followed and participated in a discussion on prayer. 

One thing struck me that I felt I should share.

When we are asked to define prayer, everyone is quick to answer:

‘Prayer is communication with God.’ I immediately remembered something from my ‘Use of English’ days in the university. We were taught that communication is not complete until there is feedback.

I immediately thought about my communication with God.-My prayer times.

Until a while ago, I was the only one doing all the talking whenever I decided to communicate with God. I had so much to say God could never get a word in. As a result, my relationship with God was not growing and I was unhappy.

Then it hit me. If I had a friend who constantly dominated the conversation every time we were talking and never let me get a word in, that relationship would probably never thrive.

Real friends listen to each other. They respect each other enough to let the other person have a say. That’s how relationships grow.

To effectively communicate, you have to listen

To listen you have to keep quiet. You cannot talk and listen at the same time.

In prayer, don’t just talk, listen.

To listen you have to keep quiet.

I need listen more than I talk when I pray.

Silence is prayer too

Who’s with me?






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