Somehow I have always worked in jobs that have a pay package that could not pay my bills.

And these jobs were God given jobs.

For a while on my first job, I wanted to change jobs so badly- especially those days I caught up with a few of my classmates and I heard the figures they were earning. I was green with envy. They had glamorous lives, went to all the happening places, could afford so many things…. I wanted to be ‘successful’ like them.

I begged, cajoled, negotiated- the whole nine yards. God was not going to budge. I was not going to get another job.

At least not from Him.

For a very long time, I could not reconcile the God that I knew who wants me to prosper- 3 John 2; with the God who was making me stay in a job that could not even pay my bills not to talk of any extras.  I was in this quiet state of discontent until I heard my dad use these words in a prayer session:

‘And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth….’-Deut 8:18

I spent all day thinking about that scripture and then sometime after that, someone said something that I have never forgotten:

‘God is your source and He determines your resources. And then it hit me.

Your employers don’t, your profit margin doesn’t, your parents don’t, God does.

It does not matter how much you earn or don’t earn, God determines your resources because He is your source.

As I nodded in enlightenment, it was almost as if God was saying,’ Now you get it’.

God provides for what He ordains. Relax, if you’re in His will you’ll never be without help.

Ask me, I went four months without pay in God’s will and I did not run into debt. That could only have been God.

Am I advocating staying in jobs that don’t pay well when you can get a better one? No chance!  Even the bible says: ‘Money is a defence’-Eccl 7:12

I’m just saying ‘stay in God’s will. His provision will meet you there.

By the way I learnt what it truly meant to be successful by the time God was done with that phase.

So if doing what God wants you to do, and resources are looking tight, Remember, God is your source and He determines your resources.

Nothing or no one else has that privilege.

Who’s with me?




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