Have you ever felt like God set you up? Like He led you in a certain direction and all you got for your obedience was trouble?

If you have not, I’m happy for you. If you have, Read on kindred spirits.

You see, I’ve been in those kinds of situations a few times. I mean I obeyed God’s instruction to the letter and all I get for my obedience is trouble that ‘almost’ breaks me.

If you’re like me, it’s very easy to get angry with God when you obey him completely and it does not turn out to be smooth sailing.

If I was disobedient and I got into trouble, at least I would be able to justify the trouble I was in. So I got angry with God and questioned Him.

For a long time I had no answers so I filed it under the list of ’things I’ll never understand’ until recently: I was reading the story of Jesus walking on the water- Mathew 14:22-33,

 A few things struck me that have completely changed the way I see God’s Set Up’s (as I like to call them).

Jesus made His disciples get in the boat and go. The disciples obeyed. The next thing they know they are in a storm like no other that is threatening to sink them and they are struggling to stay afloat. They are throwing everything they have at it and Jesus, who told them to go seems to be missing in action.

Does that sound like your story?

It gets worse; Jesus does not show up until the 4th watch of the night. This means that they had been in the storm for almost 12 hours!

Does that sound like you? Has your obedience to God put you in the kind of trouble that seems to have no end in sight?

There’s good news. Jesus does come. He takes His time, but He does show up and He does calm the storm.

And when He does show up, we’ll see why He took His time.

He’s building your faith. Ask Peter.

He’ll get all the praise. Ask all the other disciples.

So while I’m waiting for Him to show up, I’ll trust the plan.

He’s building my faith; He’ll get all the praise.

Isn’t that the whole essence of the Christian walk?

Who’s with me?






  1. God bless you so much for this. Truly my experience this season. My question is this, what do you do in in the interim? What do you do when you just feel weak and tired and when praying, fellowshipping and communing with God feels impossible? God bless once again.

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