Every time I read the story of the’ commissioning’ of Moses, it always strikes me that when Moses asked how to introduce his God, God answered: Tell them the ‘I Am’ sent you.-Exodus 3:13-15.

I keep thinking to myself, there are more prestigious and high sounding names that God could have used, why use something  related to time?

The words ‘I Am’ in English Language is called the present tense.

Mind you, He’s the one person that can go back and go forward, yet he does not refer to that ability, He chooses to stay in the present.

I thought I was going off tangent with this until I found:  ‘Before Abraham was, I Am-John 8:58

To me, that sounds grammatically wrong. It should have been ‘I was’, yet Jesus maintains the present tense even when it would have been correct on all sides to refer to the past.

What does this tell me? I need to take my cue from God and stay in the present.

A lot of the times I’m thinking of all the things that could have, would have or should have been. I need to realise I cannot go back. It cannot be changed.

Another thing I do often is to go off thinking and thinking of what will be.  I need to realise I’m not there yet. I cannot predict the future.

Little wonder the bible admonishes us not to worry about tomorrow-Mathew 6:34

Most of my anxieties are either over mistakes of the past or the possibilities of tomorrow.

I need to learn from the master.

I need to learn to take my cue from my present tense father and live in today. He’ll meet today’s needs today and tomorrow’s needs tomorrow. What’s more He deals with the past as well.

Learn from the past, Plan for the future but please live in today.

It’s the road to peace!

I choose to live in today.

So help me God.

Who’s with me?



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