I have been going through a phase recently that has me questioning God. I find myself asking- ‘What are you doing?

You see, I see so many things that I perceive as ‘unjust or unfair’ and the inequality in life just rubs me off the wrong way. Then to further solidify the need for this post, someone essentially asked the same question in one of the Christian groups that I belong to. In the Holy Spirit’s  quiet way, this was what He reminded me:

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.’-Ecclesiastes 3:1

God is a time conscious God. He created and controls time. The story of creation clearly illustrates that. Everything was created on a separate day including a day set out to rest.

When we as humans work with time, we  do it based on our limited knowledge and insight, but when God works with time, he does it based on His limitless knowledge, hindsight and foresight.

This obviously translates to differences in our perception of the things that are happen around us.

Think about it, If you had a ten month old baby wanting to play with a knife would you allow it?

Almost all of us would not because we love the child and know that a knife would be harmful. Even if the child started to cry and bang his head against a wall, you would not change your mind. Why?

Your sight is better than the child’s own. You can foresee consequences he can’t even comprehend.

When it seems like God is not being fair, think about Him the same way. He is a loving parent who sees more than we can ever even imagine. He sees the end of a thing before it even begins and He wants the best for you and for me.

As a result:

He’s going to have to say no to some of my requests;

He’s going to have to make me wait for some things even If i think I’m ready for them;

He’s going to have to allow me go through some painful experiences;

He’s going to have to define justice differently than I would sometimes.

Most of us have since  realised that all those things we classified as ‘wicked’ when we were growing up was actually training by our parents to equip us for the future.

The time is coming when we will look at the things that seem unfair now and thank God for them.

But while we still don’t get it, what do we do?

We trust his timing and trust His vision.

He has perfect timing and perfect vision.

Who’s with me?




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